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Lloyd's Environmental Litigation Reporter

Largest Environmental Fines, Penalties and Settlements
Jan. 10 to July 24, 2007
Minimum amount covered: US$100T

M.G. Waldbaum Co. $1M Penalty, CWA Violations
Syngenta Seeds Inc. $1.5M Civil Fine, FIFRA Breaches
Spectron Site PRPs $21.8M Superfund Consent Decree
Infineum USA $950T Fine, TSCA Violations
Sauget Site PRPs $2.6M Settlement, Superfund Cleanup
Williams Refining $2.2M Civil Fine, CAA Violations
EPEC Polymers $23M Settlement, Superfund cleanup
Nevada Power Co. $90M settlement, CAA Breaches
Sinclair Tulsa $5M criminal penalty, CWA Violations
Nevada Power Company $1.11M fine, $85M cleaner technology
Sinclair Tulsa Refining Company $5M fine, CWA breaches and environmental crimes
Rhodia Inc. $2M penalty, $50M air pollution controls, CAA Violations
Total Petrochemical USA Inc. $2.9M penalty, Upgrade pollution controls, CAA Violations
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP, and SFPP LP $5.3M settlement, liabilities under Clean Water Act, Oil Pollution Act, Endangered Species Act, and California's Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act and Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act
Allegheny County Sanitary Authority $1.2M penalty, $3M environmental projects, CWA breach
Santa Maria Refining Co. $1M criminal penalty, Safe Drinking Water Act violation
Azusa Pipe and Tube Bending Corp., Frederick Tressel, Ronald Tressel, the Trustees of the Tressel Family Trust, the General Services Administration, Department of the Army, Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Department of the Air Force, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers $1.7M settlement; Superfund Cleanup
East Kentucky Power Cooperative $750T penalty, $650M pollution controls, CAA violations
Dixie-Narco, Inc., Maytag Corporation, and Rheem Manufacturing Company $5.4M Consent Decree
Equistar Chemicals LP $125M Consent Decree

Information presented herein details the biggest fines and penalties imposed by the EPA, and other relevant agencies as reported in the Lloyds Environmental Litigation Reporter. Minimum amount covered is US$100T. Fines are civil or criminal, as indicated. Values of environmental projects are included if specifically cited by order or agreement. To get the news when it happens, as it happens, subscribe to Lloyd's Environmental Litigation Reporter here.