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Lloyds Environmental Litigation Reporter

Top 20 Environmental Fines, Penalties, Settlements
January 1, 2007 - April 13, 2007

Jan. 3 - Wood Waste of Boston, $157T Fine, NPDES Breaches
Jan. 9 - Minnesota Metal Finishing, $300T Fine, RCRA Violations
Jan. 10 - M.G. Waldbaum Co., $1M Penalty, CWA Violations
Jan. 10 - Peter Pan Bus Lines, $237T, CAA, CWA Violations
Jan. 19 - Syngenta Seeds Inc. $1.5M Civil Fine, FIFRA Breaches
Jan. 25 - Spectron Site PRPs, $21.8M Superfund Consent Decree
Jan. 25 - Duro Textiles, $480T Fine, CWA, CAA, Violations
Feb. 1 - Infineum USA, $950T Fine, TSCA Violations
Feb. 6 - Agrium/Royster Clark, $750T, CAA-NSR Violations
Feb. 10 - Goldschmidt Chemical, $600T Project, $25T Fine, CAA Breaches
Feb. 14 - Garratt-Callahan, $111T fine, FIFRA Violations
Feb. 15 - WCI Steel, $620T penalty, waste breaches
March 7 - Sauget Site PRPs, $2.6M Settlement, Superfund Cleanup
March 14 - Williams Refining, $2.2M Civil Fine, CAA Violations
March 15 - Smurfit Stone, $325T Fine, Emissions Breaches
March 21 - EPEC Polymers, $23M Settlement, Superfund cleanup
March 29 - Van Can Co, $170T SEP, $3.9T Fine, RCRA Violations
April 3 - Nevada Power Co., $90M settlement, CAA Breaches
April 11 - Sinclair Tulsa, $5M criminal penalty, CWA Violations
April 12 - EMCO Chemical, $349T fine, RCRA Breaches

Information presented herein details the biggest fines and penalties imposed by the EPA, and other relevant agencies as reported in the Lloyd's Environmental Litigation Reporter. Minimum amount covered is US$100T. Fines are civil or criminal, as indicated. Values of environmental projects are included if specifically cited by order or agreement. To get the news when it happens, as it happens, subscribe to Lloyd's Environmental Litigation Reporter here.